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The following are just a few HVAC system projects MDS has directed in recent years.

Project What MDS Delivered

180 Hartwell Road
(Former Raytheon Plant, Lexington , MA )

Goal: Convert old Raytheon manufacturing and office facilities into a new and refurbished office complex ready for tenants

  • Using required tonnages, created design and layout plans for rooftop HVAC units, along with gas piping and main duct distribution
  • Disconnected and removed all of the existing heating and AC equipment, pipes, pumps and valves, in some cases employing helicopters for removal
  • Prepared old equipment for environmental recycling
  • Installed new systems

Acton Research Corp.
Acton , MA

Goal: Transform an existing building into a multi-purpose facility, including an office workspace area an a manufacturing clean room environment

  • Installed process piping for manufacturing systems and ductwork and sheet metal for HVAC systems
  • Installed new plumbing throughout the building
  • Worked closely with general contractor to design and build the project on a fixed budget

Lytron Corp.
Woburn , MA

Goal: Renovate a 56,000 square foot office and manufacturing combination facility with all new HVAC and reheating systems and related materials and plumbing

  • Worked closely with general contractor on up-front budget analysis to save costs without sacrificing the integrity of the project
  • Installed all process piping used in Lytron's manufacturing process for liquid cooled components and systems
  • Installed HVAC systems for offices and manufacturing plant, along with related ductwork and sheet metal
  • Installed new plumbing throughout the facility

Medical Exam Center

Goal: Resolve poor air quality and building odors without expense of a total HVAC system replacement

  • Conducted survey of existing mechanical equipment and found a minimal amount of fresh air entering the facility
  • Determined the existing equipment was overtaxed and could not heat or cool more fresh air
  • Designed a series of Energy Recovery Units that introduced the proper amount of outside air and improved the indoor air quality without adding additional heating or cooling capacity
  • Resulted in lower equipment/installation costs and lower utility costs with no interruptions to operations
  • Total project savings versus a conventional make-up air system: $54,000

Bridgewater Goddard Park Medical Associates
Bridgewater , MA

Goal: Replace the existing HVAC system with new energy efficient equipment without disruption to patients and staff

  • Replaced the entire HVAC system while the facility remained in operation
  • Replaced all low-pressure duct work, a 60-ton Variable Air Volume (VAV) rooftop unit and standard atmosphere boilers with new duct work and high efficiency boilers
  • Installed a new HVAC control system with 24x7 web access, accessible from anywhere with Internet connections
  • Control system web interface allows the building manager and staff to view and change set points remotely
  • Total annual savings on utility bills are estimated at more than 18%

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