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Mechanical Design Services


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Heating, cooling, ventilation, process piping and sheet metal fabrication for your project.

With a staff of master plumbers, journeymen plumbers, apprentices and pipe fitters, Mechanical Design Services, Inc. (MDS) can handle all of your plumbing needs for both new construction and renovations. From a small commercial bathroom makeover to complete plumbing and wet heating installations for commercial properties, the professionals at MDS will provide expert solutions.

Just a few of the plumbing assignments we routinely handle include:

  • Mark passages holes and cut openings
  • Cut, thread and bend pipe
  • Join pipes
  • Bend, cut, and thread pipes made of lead, copper and PVC
  • Install connectors, fittings and joints
  • Solder or braze pipe tubing to join them
  • Install sinks, toilets and other plumbing fixtures in commercial buildings and residences
  • Troubleshoot, test and calibrate plumbing systems
  • Keep accurate records of tasks completed and all materials used

Always On Call
All MDS plumbers are available on contract for preventative maintenance as well as 24x7 for emergency services. Learn more about our flexible planned service programs.


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