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Company: Senate Construction
Headquarters: Shirley , MA
Company Focus: General Contractor / Construction Manager
Employees: 12
Years Working with MDS: 13

"I've been at Senate Construction for about three years, and before that I was the director of the physical plant and facilities for two academic institutions. Over the years my professional relationship with MDS has been one where MDS has provided design and conceptual support for various projects. Their professional manner and ability to provide cost analysis on value engineering is tremendous. Plus their actual field installs, from mechanical systems to plumbing, is professional.

A recent project at Lytron is a good example. Lytron is a manufacturing company of small specialized systems that are used in military aircraft systems. Their process involves various components such as chillers. MDS was very competitive on the Lytron bid and very professional. In general, MDS is very strong with their budget analysis. There are certain times where the original budget put in place is exceeded by the first go around. But because MDS provides value engineering, they can make suggestions that will not sacrifice the integrity of the overall project.

MDS is very knowledgeable with the latest additions to the mechanical and plumbing codes, and are able to meet a fast track schedule. Their value engineering and design ability is among the best in the business today."

Rich Hadley
Senior Project Manager

Company: Chapman Construction
Headquarters: Newton , MA
Company Focus: General Contractor
Employees: 50
Years Working with MDS: 13

"We've gotten into a lot of design build projects with MDS, and they've always come to the table with good solutions.

For example, we did a project for Acton Research and worked together with MDS. Acton Research manufactures pumps, glass coating for lenses and has other divisions with various environments. In addition to handling the design/build for this project, Mechanical Design was a real help because they could bring about six different mechanical disciplines to the table for various aspects of the project. For example, MDS helped us go from an office environment all the way up to a manufacturing clean room for this client.

MDS worked with me early by putting the budgets together on this project. They were able to make it work to the budget on hand. Because of their design experience, MDS came up with solutions that were economical and that fit the bill. MDS is competitive, they know what they are doing, and they come in and get the job done. And if there is a problem, they stand behind it and are willing to respond."

John Ferreira
Vice President, Executive Project Manager

Company: Integrated Builders
Headquarters: Braintree , MA
Company Focus: General Contractor / Construction Manager
Employees: 35
Years Working with MDS: 10

"We have worked with MDS over the years on both renovation and ground-up projects. A good example is Pharm-Eco Laboratories, a Massachusetts biotech company where MDS did all of the laboratory plumbing.

What's great about MDS is their overall job knowledge and their design/build ability. Sometimes when we get into these jobs things just naturally change on the job, and you have to value engineer parts of it to make it best for the customer. This is where MDS comes through. A lot of what they do is in the upfront budgeting and estimating, sometimes even before you have actual plans. Jim is good at conceptual estimating on a project. You explain to him the parameters of a system, and he generally comes up with a good budget estimate even before the plans are done.

I also like MDS for the quality of their piping installations. Whether the project involves cooling towers, chillers, boilers or a lot of bigger piping systems, they have good mechanics that do all of the work."

Jay Dacey

Company: ADA Engineering
Headquarters: Stoneham , MA
Company Focus: Consultant Engineering
Employees: 7
Years Working with MDS: 14

"We are consultant engineers and provide general design services for a variety of different projects, whether it be residential, commercial or industrial. Our clients are mostly architects, building owners and contractors. We work closely with MDS as part of a team. In many cases, Jim Fucile comes and we have a design session. We work together to come up with the best system for his client's budget.

What gives MDS an edge is that they have knowledgeable, experienced people. Jim is an experienced contractor with a good understanding of all systems and what makes a building work. Not all contractors have this ability. Bob Stowers, one of the partners there, also has many years of experience and a good understanding not only on the air side, but also on the water side, including chilled water and hot water systems.

MDS is very good at installing systems and understanding how things work together. They know what they are doing."

Tony D'Ambrosio, P.E.


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