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In addition to providing full design services, Mechanical Design Services, Inc. (MDS) can generally price any commercial HVAC system or related project based on plans and specifications you provide. Leading general contractors in particular frequently approach us for pricing help on such "plan and spec" projects.

Many customers request pricing based on the estimated scope of a project alone, without specifications and engineering drawings. We work out plan and spec quotes on a regular basis and are happy to price a project that works well and fits within your budget. Upon request, we will add our design expertise to help you define the scope of your project and create a realistic estimate of what's involved.

How We're Different

In many cases with plan and spec, we know our client is under obligation to collect bids and that the lowest bidder gets the job. But our clients also know that we won't just walk away after a plan and spec job is completed. From experience, we know chances are good that a plan and spec customer will eventually need service, so we want to be the natural choice when that selection is made. Furthermore, we want to be there when your building eventually needs design/build work, such as placement and installation of a chilled water unit or new boiler.