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Mechanical Design Services, Inc. (MDS) is fully insured, bonded and licensed to meet state, local and federal government requirements. All have received HVAC training and keep up to date throughout the year by attending training programs sponsored by leading HVAC equipment and controls suppliers. Our qualified licensed technicians and plumbers will ensure your service, repair or installation is performing correctly.

HVAC and EPA Certified

The EPA requires that all persons handling refrigerants should be certified. That's why our technicians are professionally trained and EPA certified in removal, and handling disposal of refrigerants. In addition, MDS is certified under EPA-Approved Section 608, which means we can service building air conditioning and refrigeration systems of all types and sizes.

In some cases, environmental law determines the course of action we must take when faced with malfunctioning equipment. For example, if a cooling system is releasing more than 15% of its charge over the course of a year, the EPA requires the system to be repaired (using a leak detection and repair process) rather than recharged repeatedly. If the evaporator coil has numerous leaks or is heavily corroded, we may advise you to replace the unit.