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Whether building new or refitting an older facility, digital heating, ventilation and air conditioning control systems can help to significantly save on energy costs. At Mechanical Design Services, Inc. (MDS), we can ensure that empty rooms are not heated or cooled unnecessarily and that thermostats are turned down at night, resulting in major cost reductions. HVAC controls range from simple on-and-off switches and thermostats to complex energy management systems. Controls can save energy and money as well as improve indoor comfort levels.

Our technicians and installation personnel are familiar with all aspects of HVAC controls and regularly attend equipment workshops sponsored by Honeywell and other leading suppliers to stay current. Pneumatic/electric systems and Direct Digital Control systems (DDC) are just a few of the systems we install and service.

Smarter Buildings

The controls that we install range from simple wall-mounted thermostats to sophisticated computerized energy management systems that can monitor an entire building. For our larger customers, we offer the ability to remotely determine HVAC equipment status and energy usage online. Whether used in new construction or when retrofitting older buildings, these controls can monitor burner, boiler, motor, generator and other electrical device usage around the clock.