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Many HVAC systems today are designed with both energy recovery and building air quality in mind. Strategic placement of CO 2 sensors, for example, can automatically sense when to add more fresh air or shut it off, maximizing air quality and energy savings at the same time. Other benefits of an HVAC system optimized for energy efficiency are:

  • More comfortable interior space
  • Healthier interior environment for all workers
  • Energy conservation for the community
  • Greater property resale value
  • More efficient and cost effective use of materials

New and constantly upgraded ventilation and energy codes require our sales and design personnel to maintain an essential working knowledge of all current code requirements. Besides extensive field experience, our technicians keep current with the latest HVAC training and certification This depth of knowledge allows us to assure you that a project not only meets current code, but is also as energy efficient and as well ventilated as possible.

Energy Management Boosts HVAC Efficiency

An energy management system ( EMS ) controls energy-consuming HVAC equipment to make it operate more efficiently without sacrificing comfort. Increasingly popular with our clients, energy management systems are now found in nearly one-third of all buildings in the U.S. larger than 100,000 square feet. When equipped with the proper HVAC air filters and properly maintained, an EMS can save on average about 10% of a building's energy consumption costs, with even greater savings possible in older buildings.